Has Frofro mentioned Dwindlers Murk without explaining WHY it’s so Murky?  Did Stan Mangy prepare a particularly enticing batch of Phlob buns but fail to list the correct ingredients or oven temperature?  Well, fear not junior Hobbles – the answers are at hand.

Here, among the footnotes, you will be able to delve ever deeper into the Murdlemirth universe.

Listed in episode order, these additional notes should hopefully provide you with a rich tapestry of referential nonsense and occasionally an actual explanation. But don’t hold your breath.

Episode 1 - "an unusual odour"

Actually, Frofro’s spot was NOT the quietest corner.  But as even writing the name of the quietest corner of Murdlemirth would put me in direct violation of a dozen noise ordinances, I cannot enlighten you further. You’ll just have to try and find it on your own.

The Blessya Bush is an anomaly so unique that it will be featured in a future episode.

Itchly Common has hosted the annual Ham Fayre for over a century. In an amusing turn of commerce the pigs themselves are allowed to choose which butcher or restaurant they wish to ‘invest’ in. Over the course of a fortnight chefs from across the land attempt to woo the plumpest pigs with promises of succulent sauces, tender vegetable accompaniments and the cleanest of spits.
Any mention of an ‘apple-in-the-mouth’ is tantamount to assuring your future customers of an all-beef diet.

Old Grime is a very popular bubble brand, bested only by Ruckers Rouge Thigh.

Episode 2 - "magic fingers"

The Peace Corp is a sprawling Murdlemirth administrative system designed to give Dorks, Bobbins, Boogers, Hurlers, Ruttlings and Great Gits a fresh start in life. In the aftermath of the 'Great Unpleasantness' (MUCH more on this to come!) the massed forces of Ne'er-do-welling were largely left without gainful employment. The Peace Corp was founded to give these violent reprobates an opportunity to earn a crust the honest way. 
As the Corp saying goes "The only good Dork is an unarmed Dork working 9-5 for minimum wage!"

Irritatingly for MurdleMirth Anthropologists, Dorks come in many, MANY shapes and sizes. The humble Rock Dork is a lowly entity, propping up the bottom end of the CRUSHYA scale (a system designed to measure a Dorks latent aggression level). He has mastered speech and can dress himself correctly (pants then shoes) when prompted or threatened in the appropriate fashion. 

Picklemeat is a rancid concoction of Rudolph's own design, the immense popularity of which defies all common sense. Please, for the sake of your children, NEVER ask him to share his secret ingredient. You do not want to know.